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Our Area of Practice

Wisdom lex Consultants is a law firm engaged in providing Corporate Legal Services in Pakistan, Incorporation of Companies in Pakistan, Joint Ventures, Commercial Contracts & Agreements in Pakistan, Large Scale Corporate Transactions in Pakistan, Mergers and Acquisitions in Pakistan, Corporate Restructuring and Corporate Management Services in Pakistan.


The Firm represent litigants in variety of matters Criminal Law is an extreme field of practice coverning all those aspects that entail crime as its factor. Every act or omission that violates a command, derives its force from legislature or from authority - either political or religious - that has absolute sway over the matters of state is considered to be a crime. This is the reason that state stands as a prosecutor against the alleged culprit. The main intention of criminal law is to maintain the sway of state in all matters involving acts or omissions: no act or omission that challenges the sway of the state can be allowed by the criminal law of the state.Code of Criminal Procedure (V of 1898) that was implemented in colony is still largely the prescribed criminal procedure followed by the courts in Pakistan. Similarly the Penal Code (XLV of 1860) that was introduced in colony is still largely followed in shape of Pakistan Penal Code.

Civil laws

The law firm, in competition with other firms, is a leader in the provision of civil law services to citizens, companies, local authorities and government bodies. Services in this field are provided, in particular, in civil, labour and family law relationships. Thanks to their long experience in this field, some attorneys lecture and publish on it. The law firm provides its clients with both advice and comprehensive solutions. It drafts legal documents, contracts dealing with legal relations between clients and agreements settling disputed issues, always attempting to find the best solution for the client which gives him the greatest legal certainty. Some of the law firm's employees specialise in property. For this reason, the law firm also represents estate agents, whom it provides with legal services during conveyancing and agreements resolving relations between property owners. As such relations are very wide-ranging, the skills of the law firm's employees are constantly being perfected.


The Firm advises international and domestic banks and financial institutions operating in Pakistan on matters, such as credit facilities, syndications, workouts, product development, licensing and on regulatory matters. The Firm is one of the active law firms in providing services in the field of banking practices in Pakistan. The firm also advises Islamic and Western banks and financial institutions on the development of Islamic banking products and transactions. The Firm is currently engaged in providing assistance to several prestigious financial institutions and banks operating in Pakistan.


Wisdom lex consultans provide a broad range of skills and experience to enhance the business of the real estate industry. The Firm assists all who are involved in the dynamic real estate field.


The Firm also provide services in matters relating to succession (whether testate or intestate), specially property of Females, Marriage, Divorce, Dower, Adoption, Guardianship, Minority, Legitimacy, Family Relations, Wills, Legacies, Gifts and Usages or Institutions including Waqfs, Trusts and Trust Properties. We also deal in matters of Maintenance of Women and Children, Custody of Minors and Wife etc.

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