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Why Study in Australia?

Australia is one of the world’s most exciting places to be a student. It’s a country with a vivid mix of cultures, first-class infrastructure, high quality education and cutting-edge research, and it’s rich in lifestyle and landscapes

Courses offered

Tuition fees

Certificates I – IV
Diploma Advanced Diploma A$5,500 to 18,000 a year Graduate Certificates

Working while you study

One of the advantages of being an international student in Australia is that you can receive permission to work part time (up to 20 hours per week) while you study. International students often find work in retail, hospitality and administration. You could expect to earn a$6-15 an hour, depending on the kind of work you do and your age. You may be paid more for working on Sundays or public holidays.Tutoring younger students in the field you are studying, or in your native language is also a good way to earn money. Student tutors can earn about AUS$40 an hour.

Living costs in Australia

An average international student in Australia can expect to pay about AUS $360 a week on:.

You could spend more or less depending on where you live, your lifestyle and your course.

Basic Requirements of Australian Student Visa

An Offer of Acceptance - before a student can apply for a student visa, a valid offer letter from a CRICOS registered Australian institute is required
English Proficiency - an IELTS score is a mandatory requirement and an evidence of this must be included at the time of application for the student visa.
Diploma/Advance Diploma 5.5 Bands (no module less than 5)
Bachelor & post graduate 6.5 Bands (no module less than 6)
In case of overall band or module score less than required, student will take ELICOS program will cost minimum AUS 3000.

Financial requirements

Funds required for visa
AUS $18000 per year living+ (subject to change with any new policy)
Entire course tuition fee +
Travel cost AUS$ 4000+


You your spouse
Your brother your sister
Your parents your grand parents
Your aunt and uncle
(Only Australian resident/citizen or New Zealand citizen)


The money should be in bank account/saving certificate/ fix deposit account or loan / running finance facility acquired from the any bank for the last six months showing minimum balance not less than the total amount required to show for getting visa.

Source of income

Rental/ leased property- interest from investments, salaries- agriculture income- profit from business

Documents required for Visa

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