About Italy

Study in Italy for Pakistani students is the dream of every Pakistani student who wants to study abroad. Italy is the land of fashion, brands, innovations, and new trends. This nation has introduced a lot of new ideas and trends in food, style, shoes, automobiles, and much more. It is a dream destination for food lovers, fashion lovers, music lovers, history and culture lovers.

Italy is the birthplace of many musicians, artists, scientists, performers, painters, and writers. Italians are living a vibrant, electrifying, and full of fun life. They like to eat, drink and dance. The world-famous Italian cuisines are Pizza Margherita, Gelato, Roman meals, Italian Pasta Carbonara, Risotto, and Ravioli. Italy has world-famous football clubs and football is their passion.

Why Study in Italy

There are so many reasons due to them you should consider Italy as your future study abroad destination. There are two types of higher educational institutes in Italy, private and public. Along with educational universities and institutes, there are lots of institutes of High Training in Arts and Music in the English Language.

There are about 96 public and private universities in Italy that are serving national and international students. Other than universities there is a total of 12 research centers that are fully equipped with modern apparatus and gadgets. AFAM (Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale) institutes provide a lot of choices in High Training of Art and Music. In Italy, total AFAM institutes are 132 and these 132 institutes are segregated as:

  • ✓  20 public Academies of Fine Arts.
  • ✓  58 conservatories institutes.
  • ✓  24 recognized academies of Fine Arts.
  • ✓  21 recognized institutes of Music.
  • ✓  4 Higher Education Institutes for Artistic Industries (ISIA).
  • ✓  5 Institutions authorized to issue Higher Education qualifications in Arts, Music, and Dance.

Study programs offered by Higher education institutions of Italy:

The Higher Education System in Italy consists of three phases.

  • ✓  The first phase is bachelor’s degree programs,
  • ✓  The second phase is of Master’s degree programs, and
  • ✓  The third phase is consisting of the doctoral degree program.

The Higher Education System of Italy also follows the European combined education system, the Bologna System. Under this system, students have to complete the Required European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) to take a degree. In Italy, ECTS is called CFU.

There are various study programs in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs for students which are as following:

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Italy:

The Higher Education Institutes of Italy offers numerous study fields and courses in bachelor’s degree. The total duration of the bachelor’s degree program consists of 3 years along with a compulsory 180 required European credit transfer and accumulation system. In a bachelor’s degree program, admission requirements vary from university to university.

General Admission requirements in Bachelor’s degree program for Pakistani students:

Some of the general admission requirements for a bachelor’s degree program are following;

  • ✓ Secondary school leaving certificate
  • ✓ Intermediate certificate
  • ✓ Pass admission test (if required by the university)
  • ✓ All transcripts issued by previous education institutions
  • ✓ English language proficiency certificates like IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) etc.
  • ✓ Italian language proficiency test (if study language is Italian)
  • ✓ Admission form or application form

Master’s degree programs in Italy:

The Italian Higher Education Institutions offer master’s degrees in different study fields and courses. Generally, the total duration of a master’s degree program is 2 years along with 120 ECTS or CFU. In some specific master’s study courses or fields like medicine, dentistry, and pharmacology secondary education is enough for admission.

The duration of these specific degree programs is 5 to 6 years and students must complete 300 to 360 CFU. The admission requirement for the master’s degree program also varies from university to university. Some of the general admission requirements are discussed below.

General admission requirements for master’s degree program:

Following are some of the general admission requirements;

  • ✓ Bachelor’s degree program with good CGPA.
  • ✓ Pass admission test if required by the desired university.
  • ✓ All transcripts issued by the previous educational institutions.
  • ✓ English language proficiency test like IELTS and TOEFL etc.
  • ✓ Italian language proficiency test, only if the study medium is Italian.
  • ✓ Corrected filled application form.
  • ✓ The CGPA of a bachelor’s degree should be equal to or above the required merit of the university.

Doctoral or Ph.D. degree programs

Research-based doctoral or Ph.D. degree programs in different study fields and courses are also offered by the higher education institutions in Italy. Generally, the total duration of the doctoral degree program is 3 to 4 years. There are two types of doctoral degree programs i.e., Ph.D. and research academic diploma.

One is awarded by the universities and the other can be obtained at one of the High-level Arts and Music Institutions. Some general admission requirements for the doctoral degree in Italy are given below.

General admission requirements in Italy for doctoral degree programs:

  • ✓ Master’s degree with good CGPA.
  • ✓ Pass admission test if required.
  • ✓ All educational transcripts or valid certificates.
  • ✓ IELTS or TOEFL certificates.
  • ✓ Italian language proficiency certificate, if required.
  • ✓ Correctly filled admission form.

Visa requirements for Pakistani Students

Pakistani/ non-European students are required visa to enter and study in Italy. Following are some of the visa requirements for Pakistani students;

  • ✓ Admission confirmation letter from the university.
  • ✓ Health insurance.
  • ✓ IELTS or TOEFL certificates.
  • ✓ Original and valid passport.
  • ✓ 2 photographs.
  • ✓ Visa application form.
  • ✓ Bank statement.
  • ✓ Fee receipt.

Costs of Study in Italy

Most of the institutes of Italy are public or state-funded. Therefore, students are charged a minimum of 850 Euros to a maximum of 1000 Euros annually by state-funded universities. As private universities are not funded by the state, therefore, these universities charge more fees.


More than 256 Italian scholarships, fellowships, and grants are awarded to European and Non-European international students. Those Pakistani students who wish to study in Italy but can’t afford may avail this offer.

Work permit for international students

Students are permitted to work for 20 hours per week.

Cost of living

Normally international students need 1000 Euro per month to cover all living expenses.